• You can talk the talk and walk the walk. To be a Brandtern, you need to have great verbal communication skills.
  • Everyone here at Gatesman is a creative person, and the Brandterns are no different. Being creative and forward-thinking will definitely help you stand out during the application process.
  • Agency life moves quickly, so being organized is a necessity, otherwise you'll be left behind.


  • Junior or Senior level in college
  • Preferred majors include, but not limited to: Graphic Design, Web Development, English, Marketing, Communications, Advertising, Public Relations, Marketing/Business Analytics
  • Must love lime green

  • Potential to work 40 hours a week
  • Paid internship and/or college credit
  • Produce portfolio pieces by doing real client/agency work
  • Professional mentor in your department
  • Summer Fridays. Leaving work early never felt so good.
  • Free snacks and coffee. Need we say more?

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Listen Up: Are you the friend everyone goes to for advice because you’re such a good listener? Can you be friendly and personable to anyone, even if you might not know them that well? Does the idea of writing form after form to kick off every project sound like a fantastic day at work? If this sounds just like your skill set, you might just be our next Account Management Brandtern.

You’ve Got Mail: As the Account Management Brandtern, you’ll help with a variety of work, from listening in on meetings and calls, to writing formal project launch forms for client work. You’ll be writing emails to clients and helping the Account Management team organize client presentations. You’ll also make sure the Brandtern Project is on track so the Brandterns can give a great presentation of their final campaign.

Live, Laugh, Love (the Brand): When you work in Account Management, you really live the brand. From buying different products to actually visiting offices to meet with account teams, you’ll connect with the clients you will work with this summer.

You Gotta Have the Write Stuff: Is your writing short, sweet, and snappy? Does the idea of writing 30 different lines for the exact same product sound like your ideal day at the office? Can your writing embody anyone the client needs you to be, from soccer moms to skater boys? If you answered yes, yes, and yes, then you just might be our next Copywriting Brandtern.

Get Your Notebook Ready: Working as the Copywriting Brandtern, you’ll write and edit copy for both internal agency projects and for client work, including but definitely not limited to social, video, and print copy. You’ll also be giving the PR/Social team a hand with your writing skills. You’ll start day one, as you’ll be in charge of writing the Brandtern Experience’s intro video.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: Best part of being the Copywriting Brandtern? You get an automatic best friend. You’ll be working closely on projects with the Art Director Brandtern, from actual client pitches to the Brandtern Project’s overall campaign.

InDesign We Trust: Can you make 10 versions of the exact same logo without going crazy? Do you live for the thrill of finding the perfect stock image for an assignment? Does the idea of designing under a time crunch leave you unfazed? If all of this sounds just like you, you could be our next Art Director Brandtern.

Crop it Like it’s Hot: As the Art Director Brandtern, you’ll get to design logos, splash pages, social posts and more for real agency clients all summer long. You’ll also perfect our Instagram aesthetic by making graphics for both the Gatesman and the Brandtern official social media accounts. You will get to build all the advertising for the Brandtern Project campaign.

It Takes Two: As fun as it is to make pictures, someone’s gotta write your words. That’s where the Copywriting Brandtern comes in. The two of you will be inseparable the whole summer, working together on projects ranging from the Brandtern Pitch to real client concepts.

Java’s Not Just Coffee: Can you have a conversation in HTML, CSS, JQuery, and Sass? Do Microsoft Office and Photoshop feel like second homes to you? If someone talks to you in tags, would you know exactly what they mean? If we basically just outlined your resume, then you might be the Digital Brandtern for the Class of 2020.

Get to Typing: Working in the Digital Department, you’ll get a lot of hands on experience. You’ll make updates to client sites, conduct much-appreciated Quality Assurance testing, and be involved in meetings about client projects. Additionally, you’ll be in charge of updating and working on the Brandtern Experience’s website (which you’re on right now, isn’t it gorgeous?).

It’s Alive!: There’s nothing like seeing a project you worked hard on come to life, and at Gatesman, you have the rare opportunity to see projects from start to finish, from wireframes to launch.

Metrics of Success: Are you on an endless pursuit to find the newest, coolest, most creative sources and uses of data? Can you make compelling visuals using Google Data Studio, Tableau, or Power BI in your sleep? Does marketing reporting and analysis get you totally jazzed? If this sounds like you, then you might just be our next Marketing Intelligence Brandtern.

It’s Pronounced Day-ta: As a member of the Marketing Intelligence squad, you’ll do more than crunch numbers and desk dwell. You’ll be a data wizard, but an even better storyteller. You’ll connect disparate sets of data, research, and dashboards to create data-driven strategies and insights for a number of real clients. Oh, and you’ll control the Google analytics account for the Brandtern Experience’s website, using your findings to suggest opportunities for updates and optimizations for the site like a boss.

Goal Tracking in (GA)tesman: Living and breathing data is great, but as a Marketing Intelligence Brandtern, you'll have the opportunity to make substantial impact across all departments at Gatesman. We guarantee the highest ROI on your summer experience.

A Happy Medium: Do you love the idea of combing through research to find out which medium and audience make the perfect match? Does listening to different vendors pitch themselves to you sound like the best day ever? Are you a detailed person who never misses a mistake? If it sounds like we just described you, you might have a place at Gatesman as our Media Brandtern.

Go with the Flow: As a member of the Media Department, you’ll assist the team with real client work such as reaching out to vendors, creating media flowcharts for various campaigns and sending insertion orders to vendors. Also, you will research and decide where to place media for the Brandtern Project’s advertising campaign.

Hope You’re Hungry: Working at Gatesman, you’ll attend real vendor pitches to hear what new media you could utilize for your clients. Extra bonus: Most of these pitches happen over lunch. You’ll be learning and expanding your flavor palate all at the same time.

Budget Master: Are you one of the most organized people you know? Do you always stick to your budget once you set it? Can you work with anyone who is in any department for a project? If all of this sounds exactly like you, then you might be our new Project Management Brandtern.

Keep an Eye on the Clock: As a member of the Project Management team, you’ll help run the well-oiled machine that is Gatesman. You’ll set up meetings such as kickoffs for projects or internal reviews. You'll also make estimates and timelines, as well as determining the amount of time needed for client projects.You’ll also be in charge of keeping track of the hours needed to complete the Brandtern Project’s campaign.

Vendor-ing Machine: While Project Management is mostly working with internal teams, as a Project Management Brandtern, you’ll also contact and interact with vendors. You will be working to arrange anything from models for a print ad to t-shirt printers for a client’s charity event. You’ll make sure every project gets the outside support it needs.

Let’s Get Social: Can you adopt the persona of any brand you write for, from grocery stores to animal non-profits? Do you understand every social media platform and how each one serves a different purpose? Does the idea of pitching our clients to different news sites again and again and again sound like a welcome challenge? If you answered “yes” to all of those questions, then we might have an open desk waiting for you as our PR/Social Brandtern.

Keep Your Finger on the Pulse: As a PR/Social Brandtern, you’ll jump right in on client projects the moment you walk into the office. You’ll be compiling media lists for different clients, doing research on speaking and editorial opportunities, and writing social content for both clients and the official Gatesman accounts across all platforms. You’ll also be in charge of the Brandtern Experience social media content, making sure our name gets out there.

Comma Sutra: While you have to be social media savvy to work at Gatesman, you also need to have the writing skills to back it up. Knowledge of AP Style, grammar rules, and how to write across platforms will serve you well in the PR/Social department when you write press releases, pitches, and posts on the Gatesman website. Make sure to omit that Oxford comma.


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  1. Do your homework: learn about the Brandtern Experience, our clients, recent work, and the people who make it all possible.
  2. Submit your application by January 31, 2020.
  3. Qualified applicants will be called by our HR Department to move forward in the process.
  4. Take a deep breath, and pitch yourself to our management team during the Limelight interviews in February. If you can’t make it back to Pittsburgh for the interview, we can use video chat to accommodate you.
  5. If you receive a majority of votes to move forward in the Limelight interview, you then will interview with individual departments you’re interested in.
  6. After those interviews, channel your inner Madonna and say a prayer.
  7. Keep an eye out for that 412 number. Applicants chosen to become Brandterns will be contacted by March 13, 2020.
  8. Congratulations! You’re now a part of Gatesman’s 11th Brandtern Class!