A life well lived. It’s the goal for all of us.

It has become the focus of forward-thinking health care professionals. At Gatesman, we help our clients reflect their mission and purpose to their communities to build awareness, instigate behavior changes and create a healthier society. We are forward-thinking communicators in health care branding and marketing. One that combines deep industry expertise with an understanding of the paradigm shifts within the mindset of the health care consumer. One that is framed around the backdrop of population health.

We have worked with community hospitals, regional medical centers, health care networks and academic medical systems in urban and rural centers to help identify and uncover critical market priorities and distinct customer journey’s by drilling down into the various audiences at both a broad and narrow approach - clinical line / services and even health conditions. We let that data guide and inform where we start to go and ultimately synthesize this information through an iterative and collaborative process that is distilled down to the critical customer insights helping to inform content and messaging. These core insights help clients create smart consumer nurture paths, CRM programs, UX / Web Design, Seminars and even experiential. We can also support events, new technology launches, physician communications, issues and crisis management, PR/Social, and recruiting programs.

As we move into the post-healthcare reform era, everyone has an opinion to share.  We have more than that. We have the industry and audience knowledge that comes from working with the biggest health care systems throughout the U.S.

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