Higher Education

Marketing for Higher Education. With a Higher Purpose.

Brand Positioning. Differentiation & Development. Applications & Applicant Quality. Enrollment. Philanthropy. University Ranking and Reputation. These are the many ways that Gatesman serves our higher education clients in matters of critical importance. We work with university marketing departments and advancement teams to uncover a hope, dream, want or need that the university delivers and then create branding and content that’s authentic, on target and on strategy. Our mission is simple: our work builds a strong sense of community among faculty, students, alumni, family and strategic partners to provide universities with the support they need to stay competitive in the marketplace. We have shown prospective students that they can achieve more than they thought possible, and we have demonstrated to alumni and donors that their generosity helps mold generations.  We’ve helped to tell those stories for institutions both large and small, private and public. Our work extends from all internal stakeholders to external audiences.  It’s higher education marketing with a higher purpose.

Our category thought leadership helps frame our marketing efforts around current challenges facing higher education institutions, higher education insights and trends across internal and external stakeholders. Click here to subscribe to our newsletter, Views from the Quad.

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