Leahy Commended for Unmatched Campaign Strategy and Strong Team Mentorship
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PITTSBURGH – Feb. 1, 2021 – Gatesman announced today the promotion of Mackenzie Leahy to vice president, associate media director in recognition of her continued success in contributing to agency growth. Since joining Gatesman in 2019, Leahy has made a significant impact through ongoing efforts to elevate strategic media planning, shape marketing decisions and build memorable campaigns that create compelling conversation and results through a data-driven approach to paid media. 

“In just under two years at Gatesman, Mack’s efficiency, knack for problem-solving and sheer talent have made a lasting impression — not just on the media team, but across the entire agency” said Kathy Oldaker, SVP, media director. “She brings an entrepreneurial spirit that’s played an integral part in developing creative solutions for clients and expanding new business opportunities. Perhaps most importantly, Mack’s a natural leader, someone you can count on to step up and guide teams through unexpected obstacles with ease.” 

As the agency’s digital performance and marketing lead, Leahy provides next-level service to a diverse roster of clients across the higher education, transportation, home and building, grocery and nonprofit sectors. Her prowess and approach are proven through her ability to consistently deliver tangible results that advance client goals, especially within the higher ed sector as she leads planning, launching and optimizing best-fit paid media solutions for their specific objectives. With Leahy at the helm executing smart integrated and digital strategy, Gatesman is able to uniquely reach its clients’ student prospects and drive them to action.

 “Mack is a driver and every move she makes is done with intention,” said Shannon Baker, president, Gatesman. “She brings curiosity and enthusiasm to her work every day, she is knowledgeable and charismatic, and she is a decisive leader – sure in the solutions she recommends to our clients. The collective energy she brings inspires every team member around her. Mack pursues excellence and consistently delivers.”

 Leahy’s dedication to her role as a manager and mentor has fostered undeniable departmental growth and synergy within the media team. Her focus on employee development is motivated by a passion for leadership and demonstrates an incredible commitment toward supporting and advancing the next generation of young professionals across the agency. As VP, she will further define this skillset by continuing to serve as part of Gatesman’s Emerging Leaders group to identify key areas of opportunity for business generation, team development and cultural initiatives.

“People are my driver, and there’s nothing more rewarding than managing a great group and watching my team grow into their full potential,” said Leahy. “At Gatesman, I get to do work I’m proud of, support clients I respect and build something bigger than myself each day. I’m grateful for the opportunity to grow my career at the agency while working alongside some of the smartest minds in the business.”

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