We asked Reddit
one simple
question &
broke the internet

It started
innocently enough

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the most powerful. This case proved that we never stop thinking about our clients, even while furniture shopping. Our creative team’s love for death metal combined with a trip to meatball Mecca sparked an idea that captured the world stage.


ikea couch


And then things
Got Crazy

We challenged the Internet to identify a jumble of vowels, consonants, and umlauts as either an Ikea product or a death metal band.


In 20 hours, we went from zero to 82,146 players every hour.

82,146 PLAYERS
every hour

Our servers crashed. Hard.

4,539 sites throughout the world wrote about this project

Your move,

The idea was so simple that it took off internationally. There were only three countries in the world that didn’t visit the site: Chad, Turkmenistan and North Korea.

The Results

2.17 M
1 M
1 supply unlimited meatballs