We're always
hungry for a
grand opening

Millennial males knew about Thorntons food, but for the grand opening of several new locations

we made them
crave it


Nothing whets our appetite like geo-targeted Snapchat filters featuring high-margin food items, but our sampling team proved that the way to a Millennial male’s stomach is through his phone.


There’s a secret to getting people to actually use branded Snapchat filters.
Make the content worth sharing.

- Desiree’ Bartoe

Fake facts
Real Food

Multiple infographics helped us secure press coverage for our launch of Real Kitchen. Real Food. They scored us 2.4 million impressions and a few style points. news

Now That's

There are times when peer-to-peer marketing can out-punch any well-crafted ad. When tasked with getting on-the-go moms to eat gas station hot dogs, we knew it was time to enlist the help of some influential bloggers.


The Results

984 %
129 M
Earned Value Media Impressions
Burritos Sold

So millennial males and on-the-go moms aren’t
the only ones salivating over this campaign.