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How Gatesman helped Avantax punch above their weight in the highly competitive wealth management industry?

We developed B2B audience profiles, journey maps, performance media connection plans, and a new brand creative campaign tailored to 3 key Avantax audience segments.


We targeted very specific sets of finance and tax pro prospects, so our media plan was optimized to encourage brand consideration and drive relationships.


We worked with publishers to ensure proper list targeting for on-site ad delivery, emails, newsletters, and webinar registration. Those same lists helped maximize budget effectiveness for paid search, social, online video, and programmatic display to deliver Avantax messaging solely to their client prospects wherever they consumed content online.


We monitored the reach against the matched list sizes as well as the ad frequency and engagement. Where we saw frequency balloon and engagement decline, we changed course to employ alternate platforms, formats, & creative to maintain a steady stream of qualified traffic arriving at


We delivered known prospects to the Avantax website, contributing to a 35% increase in website sessions.

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