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Team of Quarter+MI SQUAD +Jenn Miller +Disney is a top trip destination with her two kids +Noah Ross +Noah may or may not be seen having coffee with an alien someday +John McCulloch +John loves games - he's a chess and a dart enthusiast +Nathan Tufano +Celebrity to meet: Tesla +
Team of Quarter + MI SQUAD  + Jenn Miller +  SVP, Director of Marketing Intelligence + Disney is a top trip destination with her two kids + She enjoys starting every day with a latte (with art!) made with love by her husband + Noah Ross + Senior Digital Marketing Analyst + Noah may or may not be seen having coffee with an alien someday + Noah has many hobbies including growing vegetables, make jewelry and painting + John McCulloch + Senior Digital Marketing Analyst + John loves to go to his parents campground with his family + John loves games - he's a chess and a dart enthusiast + Nathan Tufano + Senior SEO & Digital Marketing Analyst + Celebrity to meet: Tesla + Favorite vacation: Greece

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Discover the power of combined expertise with our Digital Marketing & Advertising Agency. In today's ever-evolving digital landscape, it's essential to have a partner who understands both the intricacies of modern marketing strategies and the impact of compelling advertising. Our team specializes in blending the art of classic advertising with the science of digital marketing, ensuring your brand resonates effectively and efficiently across all platforms. With Gatesman, you're not just getting an agency; you're securing a partner committed to pushing boundaries and achieving results.

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Thought Leadership
October 3, 2023
Gen Z Research Reframed: Placing Common Conceptions in Context
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News & Media
August 18, 2023
Gatesman’s Shannon Baker featured in Forbes Magazine - Women Business Leader Spotlight
President, Shannon Baker Featured in Forbes Magazine
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On Board With Pride in Chicagoland

Pace Suburban Bus

2023 Pride Month was special, because we marched with purpose — by developing an integrated advertising campaign that included bus wraps, pronoun pins, media relations and participation in Chicago’s pride parade. It’s one way we engaged Chicagoland while improving the mental health of LGBTQ+ youth.

If nobody gives, nobody gets


Data and analytics allowed us to uncover a key audience that could make the difference for thousands of people waiting for a life-saving transplant. We used connections planning that included creative advertising, social media and public relations to motivate registrations.

wE improve the brand experience at every touch point.

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Our strategists and creators are hardwired for connection, curiosity, collaboration, and engagement. We crave purpose, and our teams have a deep desire to create and contribute to your business in meaningful ways. Why? Because it’s in our DNA. We’re driven to compete — and win — on your behalf.