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Gen Z Reframed: From Gatesman

Gen Z statistics are all over the news, but are the takeaways correct?
Gatesman’s newest research looks at the latest Gen Z trends from the perspectives of Zers themselves to help marketers reframe their view of this generation and be able to strike a more on-target tone with marketing communications. The report includes an analysis of Gen Z self-concept, a summary of secondary research highlighting trends in key focus areas, and first-hand perspectives from a Gen Z focus group reacting to these trends.

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Through our research findings, you will learn about…


Gen z's self-concept

Concerns, Desires and How Gen Z Views Itself


Gen Z’s “New American Dream”

Higher Education, Working, Finances, and Life Priorities


Gen Z Spending Habits

Deal Hunters, Access Vs. Ownership, Brand Expectations, and Omnichannel Importance


The Gen Z Mental Health Crisis

Mental Health, The Impact of Covid, and Gen Z's View of the Future

Uncover Opportunities with Gen-Z

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