PITTSBURGH — June 23, 2023 — Gatesman President Shannon Baker delivered as the keynote speaker for the Annual Pittsburgh Women's Leadership Summit, a division of the Global Women Leaders Association. Baker’s topic: High Achieving Women, Five Themes to Incorporate into Your Leadership. She joined executives from Kraft Heinz, SAP and United Healthcare as the principal speakers. 

The Women Leaders Association is the world's largest women executives association with over 30,000 women in executive and leadership positions who are committed to the development and advancement of women in the corporate arena. 

“We help high-achieving, successful women by giving them the tools, strategies, and network needed to master their work without sacrificing what matters most. We believe that by empowering and equipping women to thrive in the modern workforce, companies and organizations will achieve new levels of success and excel in ways previously unimagined,” said Shelley Taft senior program director of WLA.A portion of the proceeds from the conference admissions went to GirlsInc. 

“I’m very happy to have had this opportunity to share my experience and learned-wisdom with this audience. I couldn’t align more with their mission to empower and equip ambitious women to create their most successful career with work-life harmony,” said Baker. 

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