PITTSBURGH — April 27, 2023 — Gatesman President and Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership Vice Chair of the Board of Directors, Shannon Baker took to the stage with PNC Financial Chairman, President and CEO Bill Demchak, City of Pittsburgh Mayor Ed Gainey, Pennsylvania Lt. Governor Austin Davis and other government officials and corporate leaders to address the advances, accomplishments and future plans for the City of Pittsburgh in a post-pandemic world. 

Cities across the United States have been embattled in efforts to revitalize downtowns following the pandemic. “This massive undertaking is a critical effort because downtowns are the economic heart of a city as well as the cultural core. A diverse downtown includes a healthy mixture of office space, housing, retail and entertainment attractions,” said Baker. “Pittsburgh’s cost of living, the lifestyle and amenities, and our downtown community have always been a draw for talent and prospects. Our support of this initiative is unwavering.”

Speaking to a standing-room only crowd of more than 850 community and business leaders, residents and employees, the 2023 PDP Annual Meeting theme was VeloCITY: Envision, Engage, Emerge’ and recapped a year of progress as Downtown Pittsburgh shifted from pandemic recovery to reactivation in 2022.  Significant progress was recognized including more than 17M total visitors to the Golden Triangle, more than 83,000 average daily downtown activities, 76% visitor recovery to Market Square, 70% visitor recovery to the Cultural District, and 40% employee recovery rate.  In addition to the report, there was inspired conversation and action to support a more resilient and vibrant Downtown in the future.  Access the full report here

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