Gatesman’s director of analytics, Jenn Miller, has been promoted to senior vice president in recognition of her efforts to establish and grow the agency’s marketing intelligence practice into a central offering for clients and prospects across all service categories.

“Our Hacking Human Behavior™ model is rooted in data, so it’s critical Jenn and her team help inform the insights that steers our clients in the right direction,” said John Gatesman, CEO, Gatesman. “Jenn has delivered on this and more, bringing energy, wit and curiosity to every account she touches. Her promotion is a natural progression based on the positive influence she has had on our business and the continued evolution of our agency.”

Since joining the agency in 2018, Miller has morphed the way Gatesman approaches data collection, analysis and reporting. She has markedly expanded the amount of information available to teams at the front end of the planning process, fostering a deep understanding of clients’ target audiences. Beyond this, she has changed the way reporting data is communicated, both to internal teams and clients, implementing highly visual, easy-to-digest analytics dashboards across client accounts. Delivering results in real-time, these dashboards have revolutionized the agency’s approach to campaign reporting, optimization and review.

“I’m incredibly grateful for the trust Gatesman’s leadership has instilled in me to go further than the familiar and develop fresh new processes,” Miller said. “It’s amazing what questions we can answer when we’re empowered to push boundaries and collaborate.”

Miller’s contributions have been highly impactful across the spectrum of client accounts during her time at the agency, proving the value it provides across industries. She’s brought innovative thinking to accounts such as SHOP ‘n SAVE, as well as driven remarkable insights and opportunities for higher ed clients including Rochester Institute of Technology and the Stephen M. Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan. She has also led her team in implementing automated campaign reporting that informs work for clients in the transportation and nonprofit sectors, including Pace Suburban Bus Service and the Center for Organ Recovery and Education, respectively. These processes have not only aided in better results, but have also enhanced efficiency across collaborating agency and client teams.

“Under Jenn’s leadership, marketing intelligence progressed into a formidable practice area at Gatesman, and it has become an absolute game-changer for us. We’re able to fully realize our marketplace-driven model and unearth insights faster and validate hypothesis with proven data points. This has taken existing client relationships to new heights and has become a compelling differentiator in new business,” said Shannon Baker, president, Gatesman.

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About Gatesman:

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