Gatesman has promoted Matthew Axeman, one of its longest-tenured employees, to vice president, creative director. Since its inception, Axeman has played a crucial role in pushing creative boundaries and driving the company and its clients toward continued success.

“Matt is extremely passionate about his work and continually goes above and beyond for his clients. And that’s an understatement. He’s a creative soul, and he’s dedicated to consistently improving his craft to meet the evolving design technologies of our industry, which enables our team to stay at the forefront of creative design,” said John Gatesman, CEO, Gatesman. “He has been a constant over the past thirteen years in growing Gatesman’s creative wheelhouse and bringing new ideas to the table. His contributions have been significant, and we’re excited to see him thrive in this new role.”

Axeman was the first employee hired at Gatesman when he joined the agency as art director in 2006. His versatility in design software was immediately an asset. Beyond his degrees in graphic design and web design/development from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Axeman has continued to enhance his repertoire and embodies what it means to be a lifelong learner.

“Matt is a self-starter and great leader,” said Julie Allard, EVP, creative director, Gatesman. “The dedication and enthusiasm he puts into every project has established Matt as an essential part of the creative team and a key player within the agency as a whole.”

Axeman’s creative prowess has produced award-winning work for top clients and campaigns. The brands that Axeman has brought to life are too countless to mention but include work for clients such as British Airways, SHOP ‘n SAVE, Northwell Health, S&T Bank, Consol/CNX, FedEx Ground, Homeless Vets, the Pittsburgh Penguins, PPG, Duquesne Light Company and many, many more.

“I believe no creative idea should be held back by the limitations of the artist,” said Axeman. “The more you know, even at a baseline level, the more options you will have in your arsenal for ideation and execution. And the culture and support I get here enables that great work to happen.”

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About Gatesman:

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