Gatesman’s Finance and Operations department is thrilled to be honored with Team of the Quarter in Q1 2024! Given the team’s overarching responsibilities, it largely operates “behind the scenes,” ensuring the agency's day-to-day operations run efficiently and smoothly, so this recognition indicates just how incredible a quarter it was!

The first quarter is always a hectic time of year.  Our team works to close out the books for the prior year, and this year we decided to make things even more interesting by layering on the transition of a new CPA firm and entirely new employee benefit providers. The team successfully navigated these changes with grace, generating positive results for the agency and employees.

On the IT front, various hardware updates and software integrations were completed, all in the spirit of ensuring our infrastructure is protected by the most up-to-date technology and security – and doing so with a watchful eye on the bottom line. 

Additionally, the team continues to improve by implementing a new resource-planning process that will allow for more nimble decision-making and revisiting our employee review process to ensure that we’re gathering and providing the most impactful feedback for our team members.

It's been a fast start out of the gate in 2024, but the team looks forward to continuing to provide our internal teams and stakeholders with the tools, resources, processes and information they need to continue to bring their best to our colleagues and clients each day.   

The team plans to celebrate this mighty win over dinner and cocktails!