PITTSBURGH – May 22, 2024 – Gatesman is proud to celebrate President Shannon Baker’s new role as the Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership (PDP) Board Chair. Her appointment was announced at the PDP’s 2024 Annual Meeting in April, where she emphasized the importance of building a new strategic vision for the city Gatesman’s headquarters calls home.  

“Our work has never been more relevant or crucial as we drive toward creating a vibrant city center that redefines what it means to be downtown,” Baker said. “I’m honored to sit at the helm of an organization that is so deeply committed to advancing a city that’s as central to my own story as it is Gatesman’s.”

The PDP is a nonprofit community development organization formed by downtown Pittsburgh businesses, professionals, civic organizations, foundations, and residents to craft and execute programs that enhance the downtown community and ensure its vibrancy. Baker brings a wealth of marketing, PR and communications experience to her new position—all skills that can benefit the organization’s vision, strategic focus and ability to drive economic development through creative programming and partnerships. 

“The leadership that the PDP provides stems from the vision it has for downtown Pittsburgh,” Baker said. “A thriving downtown community requires the collaboration of multiple stakeholders and we must not limit ourselves because of challenges, we must see possibilities for what our future can hold. I hope to foster collaboration, engagement and action.”

Watch the video below to hear more from Baker on her goals as Chair of the organization:

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