It’s nearly 2024, and wow what a year it has been. Taking a moment to pause, reflect and celebrate the journey is something that brings great joy. It’s also something that I’ve had to learn how to do - especially the pause part. It’s easy to get caught up in “what’s next,” but there’s so much to be proud of day-to-day, month-to-month, quarter after quarter. And it all adds up, as evidenced by our 12-straight quarters of growth at Gatesman. 

In 2023 we pledged to commit to each other, and to prove (if to no one else other than ourselves) that we could do hard things in pursuit of big goals. I’m grateful for our team, their dedication, their belief in the journey we’re on, and the achievements we’ve earned. I’m grateful for the trust. The confidence. The tenacity to push through challenges and ideas that seem impossible. The humility to laugh at ourselves. And I’m grateful for the contributions and individuality every person brings to make our culture one of the best around. We did a lot of incredible work in 2023 that deserves attention, so here’s an incomplete list of what #TeamGatesman accomplished:

We celebrated:

  • 90% retention rate across our team
  • 74th percentile ranking across peer agencies via our Gallup Employee Satisfaction survey
  • 15% of our staff was promoted from within the organization
  • Seven new hires
  • Six new, national accounts
  • A digital rebrand including new website, editorial and social media footprints

We achieved:

  • Expanded relationships across 70% of our clients
  • 28 industry awards and recognitions for our work
  • 10 speaking engagements as thought-leaders
  • Five new certifications
  • Four new leadership appointments to community board of directors
  • One national media feature in Forbes magazine

We shared:

  • 28,000+ Bonusly reward points for our teammates
  • 16 thought-leadership pieces
  • One new research initiative on Gen Z
  • Countless wisdom, expertise and advice across 4 agency-hosted public events for students and professionals
  • A great year

I can’t predict what will happen in the world next year, but I know we’ll handle it. We can do hard things. We’ve got momentum and an incredible team. Cheers to 2024. We’re ready to compete.