Healing and saving lives for CORE

We made a life-saving change to their target audience.


The Center for Organ Recover (CORE) tasked us with getting more people to register as organ donors, because there are over 2,600 people in our territory awaiting transplants — and many of them won’t get it. For years, CORE targeted altruistic people who would gladly donate their organs just because it was the right thing to do. But the numbers were dwindling.


We analyzed over a million social conversations in our region and built out psychological profiles of registered versus non-registered donors to identify new opportunities. That’s how we identified a new audience. We called him Jake.

Jake needed a more selfish reason to consider registering as an organ donor, so we developed the platform “If Nobody Gives, Nobody Gets” to focus on the concept of reciprocity and ran educational content where he’d see it — which included TV, billboards, social content, and more.

We monitored the campaign for optimization opportunities and learned that our Jake audience was disqualifying himself based on wrong assumptions. That insight led to a new platform determined to bust myths associated with organ donation: “No Body is Perfect.”


The shift in audience targeting worked. Since 2018, the share of Jakes registered grew in CORE’s footprint at higher levels than their neighboring organizations.

+118,064 Lives Saved in the Future

46,392 Lives Saved

+1,073,923 Lives Healed in the Future

434,925 Lives Healed