We made a lifesaving change to CORE's target.

$0.32 Actual CPC

Target CPC: $5.35

10,450 registrations

Since 2018

867,350 lives

Potentially saved or healed
We increased registrations by introducing CORE to Jake.
A doll of Jake, CORE's target audience.

CORE's New Target

  • Organ donation isn't my problem
  • I don't care about it
  • I don't even want to think about it
CORE already registered the altruistic people who would happily register to be organ donors just to be nice. Jake needed a more selfish reason to engage.
We made it personal, then hit him with this brain melter.
These activations helped our message hit home. 
Social listening uncovered barriers for Jake, so we spoke to those directly on a custom landing page.
Campaign monitoring identified myth-busting content as a key driver for Jake, so we amplified it at his favorite bar.
February 14th is also National Donors Day, so we wrote love letters to unregistered organ donors and amplified that message with influencers.