NVI x Vontelle Campaign

Engaging Influencers to Get Eyes on a New Frames Collection


National Vision, oneof the largest optical retailers in the U.S., developed an exclusive collectionwith Black-women-owned eyewear brand Vontélle in 900+ America’s Best Contacts& Eyeglasses stores. The collection, Officialby Vontélle, was Vontélle’s first with a national retailer and debuted at atimely moment during Black History Month. The brands wanted to celebrate in abig way.


We knew the vibranteyeglasses inspired by Vontélle’s founders’ African, Caribbean and Latin rootswould capture the attention of consumers—but only if we found them. SPOILER:They’re on Instagram. But we also recognized the market would be saturated withother brands celebrating Black History Month, so we needed to hit targets inmultiple ways for our messaging to stick. We blended paid and organic PRtactics to get the frames in front of our audience and the influencers theytrusted most.

Our promotional package featured bold creative that cuts through mailroom clutter and embodies the playful, empowering styles of the collection. We included colorful eyeglass pouches, eyeglass cleaning cloths and custom notes for each recipient to go the extra mile.

We contracted four influencers to participate in #TheOfficialUnboxing campaign on Instagram, showing off various styles of the frames to their devoted followers. They also used the opportunity to educate their audience on the importance of regular eye exams.

Ariana DeBose

We also sent a few boxes to influential figures beyond the campaign, scoring exposure with 722K+ additional followers from news figures, industry experts and even Academy Award winning actress Ariana DeBose.

In coupling our influencer efforts with a multimedia news release, native article and earned media outreach, we ensured our message would be delivered in multiple ways while reaching key secondary audiences, such as optical trades.


Our combined efforts helped make this collection one of the most successful launches America’s Best has had in recent years. Frames quickly sold out online and in stores, demonstrating the impact of the online conversation the campaign generated. The campaign directly generated:


Impressions across paid and organic tactics

25% Increase

in target who saw RIT as a national brand


Engagements from paid promotions, including 500+ clicks to the website

69% Ad Recall

6 earned news stories,

bolstered by 363 release pickups via the wire

97% Positive Ad Reaction