Launching Pace Pulse, a premium express bus service.

We drove anticipation by framing the launch as summer’s biggest blockbuster.


Pace was ready to launch a premium express bus service called Pace Pulse. The route featured faster service with limited stops, Wi-Fi, heated bus shelters with a pavement snowmelt system, better ADA accessibility, and real-time bus arrival information. The buses even communicated with traffic lights to minimize reds and extend greens. But as a brand new offering, nobody knew any of that.


We drove anticipation and awareness with a movie trailer theme and framed up their soft launch as a “Sneak Preview.”

Our team also ensured the success of a VIP launch event by planning, producing, and promoting every detail with help from our PR, Creative, and Account Management teams.

Launch Event

This launch was a big deal for the suburban transit system so we rolled out the purple carpet. Press coverage, movie props, buckets of buttery popcorn, and paparazzi-style photos made local dignitaries truly feel like VIPs.


Numbers were strong out of the gate and when Pace shifted to daily service ridership really surged.

1050 Average daily ridership

Average daily ridership

We drove known prospects to the Avantax website, contributing to a 35% increase in website sessions (a 70% increase in the first week)

142,791 Total ridership

(through launch phase)

Higher Quality Traffic

The list-based approach returned quality visits providing a 75% higher session engagement time compared to a traditional awareness campaign.

We hit our ridership goal 4/4 months

20% Increase in Brand Recognition
and Organic Search

We experienced significant growth of brand recognition within search, including a 20% increase in organic search traffic