This year our agency came up with a fun way to celebrate great work and collaboration with a “Team of the Quarter” competition. The basis is to do great work, celebrate as a team, share amazing results with coworkers, shout each other out and the work & comradery will help one team rise. Between voting across departments and the number of shout outs received in our agency’s YouRock channel an individual team would win a team celebration.  

BIG NEWS:  The MISquad team won the first Team of the Quarter in Q2 2023!

(That’s the Marketing Intelligence team’s super cool internal name.)

While the MISquad team has done some great work over time, I can confidently say that this truly was our quarter. Oftentimes, our work is done behind the scenes and it’s hard to see our efforts and the benefits that come along with the team’s hard work. And, we are typically not people who shout the work we’re doing from the rooftops.  

But this quarter was different; we had to be very vocal. Google Analytics UA was sunsetting and our clients needed to be converted to GA4 before the sunset date of June 30. hile a lot of work was done prior to this quarter, this was a huge milestone that forced all clients, dashboards and reports to make the shift or lose valuable insights. This was an enormous undertaking including learning the continually evolving system, implementation of each and every client’s website into GA4, setting up new data feeds, connecting and replacing our dashboards, redefining web metrics for teams and teaching both internal and client teams the changes.  

We took it on.  

We made improvements.  

And we set our clients up for success all while adding to the agency’s growth. 

But it didn’t end there. 

We took several leaps forward in other areas this quarter as well:  

  • We became more visible by defining and owning the proactive support model and synchronizing with our performance media friends.
  • We continuously improved on the areas we own by taking reporting, analysis and insights further. 
  • We have added new client offerings and agency capes. 

And we will not stop.  

We have big goals, big plans and a big impact to share. 

But first, we celebrate.  

We celebrate the achievement, the camaraderie of this team and the excitement of what’s to come.  

Escape Room Fun!
Cheers to our MI Squad!