PITTSBURGH – Gatesman, one of the fastest-growing, privately owned marketing communications agencies in the U.S., has been selected to provide PR services for TrademarkVision, a world leader in image recognition and machine learning. The company uses its patented visual search engines, powered by artificial intelligence, to protect brands and intellectual property around the globe.

TrademarkVision’s technology has already been recognized with a number of notable awards, including Fast Company’s 2017 World’s Most Innovative Companies in AI, and continues to evolve. Its technology is expected to expand to applications beyond trademarks, as it did just recently through the introduction of DesignVision, a groundbreaking, 3D image-recognition technology for design patents.

“TrademarkVision has tremendous communications opportunities and very strong leadership, making it a great match with Gatesman’s PR practice, which is always committed to pushing boundaries,” said Susan English, SVP, director of PR and social media, Gatesman. “I have high expectations for our team to tell TrademarkVision’s story as this amazing company aims to reach all corners of the world with its technology.”

TrademarkVision has tasked Gatesman with conducting media relations on a national scale, in addition to supporting strategic messaging and content creation initiatives. With offices in Australia, the win adds another international account to the agency’s list of current clients.

“As a cutting-edge member of the tech industry, TrademarkVision is right in our wheelhouse, which means we can hit the ground running earlier and show results faster,” said Shannon Baker, president, Gatesman. “The next few months are going to be an exciting time for everyone.”

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About Gatesman:

Gatesman is one of the fastest-growing, mid-size, privately owned agencies in the U.S. With offices in Pittsburgh, Chicago, and Springfield, Mo., Gatesman offers expertise in strategy/branding, advertising, public relations, social media, digital and analytics. Gatesman is a partner in AMIN Worldwide, an alliance of over 50 independent marketing agencies, and IPREX, a global communications network. Gatesman acquired Quest Fore in 2014 and Noble Communications in 2017.