“Alexa, how can a woman succeed both personally and professionally in today’s society?” If only getting an answer to such a big question was that simple. 

In many ways, women have emerged as a force to be reckoned with, including in business. Gatesman emphasizes the importance of women in the workplace, as their executive leadership team boasts a 70% female presence, differentiating their approach to work with insight that’s reflective of clients’ targets with an underscoring drive to Get.Sh*t.Done.

How does the agency continue to bolster women in their network? Most recently, by celebrating International Women’s Day and empowering women to share learnings and thought provoking perspectives on what it means to be a woman in business. On March 8, 2023, Gatesman unified and uplifted females in their network by hosting its inaugural #IWD Empower Hour, which featured a hybrid panel discussion elevating the voices of powerful women in leadership, which served as a platform of camaraderie and celebration for the observance.

Beth Thompson, VP, Director of Public Relations & Social Media at Gatesman, served as the moderator for the event’s discussion featuring:

  • Shannon Baker, President, Gatesman
  • Aleya Jennings, Director of Corporate Sponsorship and Individual Giving, Fred Rogers Productions
  • Beth Varner, VP, Director of Human Resources, Gatesman
  • Megan Thompson, Partner, Herrick Feinstein LLP
  • Susan Klein, Chief Marketing Office, VisitPITTSBURGH

The panelists covered a wide range of topics, including a focal discussion on “The Likeability Trap” which analyzes perception of likeability in the workplace. 

Impactful takeaways from the discussion came from topics like appearance bias, coping with feedback and imposter syndrome.

Baker revealed struggles she faced with imposter syndrome in the past and how she overcame it. “I want every woman to know that they have a voice at the table and that it’s good to take yourself off mute to hear yourself speak,” Baker said.

Gatesman takes pride in providing a platform for female empowerment and will continue to uplift   its women leaders and aspiring professionals. This work could not be done without its support network that is passionate about breaking gender barriers in the workplace. 

Team Gatesman looks forward to executing similar events in the year ahead.