We are brutal to the work

and kind to the people.

We’re big fans of feedback. All our clients get an open invitation to be brutal with us as we concept, craft, and create the things that will move their business. Expect to work way upstream with our creative leadership because we like to make suggestions that raise eyebrows and drop jaws. But don’t worry, we can hold hands as we venture outside the comfort zone. That’s where things get interesting. That’s where the work wins. And that’s a place we can only get to if we go together.

Brand strategy and development
Content Creation
Brand Activation
Visual Identity and Brand Systems
Video/Animation Development
Concept Development
Video Production

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Who will lead your business?

Trust this team with your challenges. You won’t regret it.

Mark DiPietro

VP, Senior Creative Director

Mark is a left-handed Steelers fan who is happiest when he’s making. During the day he makes ads, builds brands, creates content, and directs editors, photographers, art directors, copywriters, drone operators, special effects crews, costume designers, scorpion wranglers, celebrities, athletes, and all sorts of colorful characters. After hours (and on Instagram) you’ll find Mark brewing beer, fermenting kombucha, bottling hot sauce, smoking meats, and tapping the tree in his front yard to make maple syrup. Mark has made impactful things for Chevrolet, OnStar, MillerCoors, Leinenkugel’s, U.S. Navy, Alltel Wireless, Optima Batteries, UPMC, Northwell Health, University of Michigan Ross School of Business, and Rochester Institute of Technology. He’s already looking forward to making impactful things with you.

Alex Hess

Creative Director

Alex draws on nearly a decade of experience with a Bachelor of Science in Design from the Art Institutes, where he won prestigious awards such as “Best Portfolio” and “Employer’s Choice.” With a body of professional work spanning numerous industries, Alex brings well-rounded insight and multidimensional understanding that earns continued recognition by clients and colleagues alike. Before joining Gatesman, Alex was responsible for overseeing creative at Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon University and served as a dedicated adjunct professor at La Roche University, imparting his expertise and preparing the next generation of creative minds.

With a comprehensive background in design, fine art, illustration, photography, video, and music, Alex presents a distinctly unique perspective for any project, no matter the size. Voraciously inquisitive, he is always well-equipped to confront a new challenge. At Gatesman, Alex elevates our creative work through his impeccable taste, conceptual thinking, and bulletproof visual consistency.