PITTSBURGH – Hot and fresh out of the oven, Gatesman is proud to serve Ads for Lunch, a weekly YouTube podcast series, which is released every Thursday at noon. The 15-minute podcast covers the most captivating, creative and surprising ads in-market and dissects their importance and relevancy in today’s ever-changing landscape.

The podcast is available here.

“A brainchild of the Gatesman Emerging Leaders team, The Ads for Lunch series transforms complex advertising efforts from the most compelling brands into bite-sized key takeaways for hungry podcast listeners,” said Shannon Baker, president, Gatesman. “We’re excited to bring the unique perspectives of a diverse spectrum of professionals together to debate what’s hot in the market and why. And our experts’ individual charisma, natural playfulness and team chemistry really shine through allowing for some much needed light-hearted fun for listeners.”

Each week, four marketing professionals come together for more than just a discussion; they battle for the most-coveted perk in the industry: free lunch. The host and the rotating cast of speakers bet a few dollars, designated as the winner’s lunch fund, on their favorite ad. Participants will have a limited time to pitch why their ad deserves to be the best in show for a chance to eat on everyone else’s dime.

“Podcast consumption continues to rise, especially during this time of pandemic,” added Beth Thompson, VP, Group Account Director. “According to Podtrac, podcast downloads are up 21% since the beginning of the year. As we continue to develop thought-provoking content in the latest channels for our clients, we will also continue to push boundaries for the agency by thinking of new and creative ways to earn share of heart and mind.”

The first two episodes take a look at how brands like Dove, Apple and Coors Light have responded to the coronavirus pandemic and stay-at-home orders. Participants discussed the best approach to communicating during COVID-19 and whether it’s more effective for brands to tug at viewer heart strings or add some light to the situation with humor. In the coming weeks, viewers can look forward to new ads and in-depth conversations around the likability, relatability and the overall effectiveness of top brands’ campaigns.

If you want to join an episode of Ads for Lunch, please email bthompson@gatesmanagency.com. For more information, please visit gatesmanagency.com or join in on the conversation on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.

About Gatesman:

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